Catering and Events at Tranquilles are by Owner/ Chef Bev Sullivan. Our philosophy is to  take great local produce and treat it with minimal fuss to produce flavour filled delicacies. Tranquille's prides itself on using all natural processes in the production of its sausages and bacon which it features on its Breakfast menu and as many other ingredients it can from its kitchen garden. 


We cater for intimate dinners, weddings, conference dinners and special occasions. 

Our Calendar of events include High Teas, Long Lazy Sunday Lunches and Chefs Tasting Themed Dinners. We will accompany our events with live local music when available and provide beautiful pieces from local artists in our gallery to enhance your visit.


                           We cater for all tastes and dietary requirements.

        We will ensure you have a memorable stay with us and leave feeling contented.